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UAB Comprehensive Center for Healthy Aging Advanced Illness and Multimorbidity and Heart Failure (AIM-HF) Program

The purpose of the UAB Comprehensive Center for Healthy Aging Advanced Illness, Multimorbidity and Heart Failure (AIM-HF) Program, led by Ali Ahmed, MD, MPH, is to promote research to better understand the nature and impact of advanced illnesses, multiple morbidities and heart failure in older adults and to develop and test interventions that can help reduce the burden of heart failure, multimorbidity and advanced illness. The AIM-HF also seeks to provide clinical services to older adults with heart failure, multiple morbidities and advance illness, and train residents, fellows and students about assessment and management of older adults with these conditions.

Finding from an R01 award entitled Heart failure, chronic kidney disease, and renin-angiotensin system inhibition (HL085561) suggest that inhibitors of the renin-angiotensin system, often avoided in older adults with advanced heart failure and chronic kidney disease, is associated with improved outcomes in these patients (PMID: 22321760 and 23331442). Heart failure in older adults is often associated with preserved ejection fraction and these patients were often excluded from randomized clinical trials. As a part of another R01 award entitled Neurohormonal blockade and outcomes in diastolic heart failure (HL097047), Dr. Ahmed and his colleagues have examined the association of various neurohormonal inhibitors on outcomes in older heart failure patients with preserved ejection fraction or diastolic heart failure. A list of publications related to heart failure, multimorbidity and advanced illness in older adults can be found in PubMed.

The Geriatric Assessment Clinic at the Birmingham VA Medical Center, the UAB Geriatric Clinic at the Margaret Spain McDonald Clinic, and the Geriatric Heart Failure Clinics at UAB and VA Medical Center provide comprehensive care to older adults with multiple morbidities, advance illness, and heart failure.

Students, residents, fellows and post-doctoral trainees rotate in the geriatric heart failure clinics, and participate in above research activities. Those interested are encouraged to contact Ms. Janet McCoy.

The program actively collaborates with fellows and faculty members from within and outside the Division, Department, School, University, and the Country. Researchers interested in collaborations are encouraged to contact Ms. Janet McCoy.

Primary Contact Person:

(tel) (205) 934-9632

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