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Dr. Richard Allman

Welcome to the home page of the Comprehensive Center for Healthy Aging (CCHA) at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). The more than 220 faculty members of the CCHA are working together to create a world where aging comes with opportunities for a high quality of life and purposeful living. Our mission is to optimize the health and well-being of older adults by creating, sharing, and applying knowledge – knowledge that will change your world. CCHA programs and activities encompass three broad areas:

  • Optimizing Function
  • Enhancing Management of Illness
  • Improving Health for all Older Adults

Being healthy means a state of optimal physical, mental (emotional and cognitive), social, and spiritual well-being regardless of the presence or absence of disease or advanced age. Being healthy includes optimal function and appropriate management of any illness that occurs in the individual. Being healthy also involves the promotion of healthy communities - ensuring healthy aging for all older adults, regardless of advanced age, race/ethnicity, income, or urban/rural residence. The Comprehensive Center for Healthy Aging offers as an educational resource that provides information that will be useful to all members of the community.

The CCHA's efforts to improve function include activities and programs in the areas of mobility, cognition, vision, and continence. Affiliated faculty members are working to enhance the management of illness, especially for those older adults with multiple chronic conditions, in all health care settings and in the community. We are conducting research on the basic mechanisms of aging and age-related conditions and applying this knowledge to the management of older adults with complex care issues.

The CCHA is pursuing improved health for all older adults by eliminating or reducing inequities based on age, socio-economic status, race, or rural residence. Our research teams are integrating traditional medical approaches with social and behavioral, nutrition, physical activity and public policy initiatives to address issues impacting all three areas of focus – function, illness management, and optimal health for all.

The CCHA's mission is comprehensive - it includes research, education, community programs, and specialty care. The scope of CCHA research spans cells to public policy; bench to community; animals to people, and individuals to the larger society. The CCHA unites people, programs, and community organizations to accomplish its mission.

Aging is about living – living long and well! Aging and living longer provide opportunities for a high quality of life and purposeful living, and the CCHA is helping to eliminate factors that limited earlier generations. Declines in function and quality of life do NOT have to be a part of growing older. That’s what the CCHA is all about.

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